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3. Receive cryptic clues on your phone

Receive messages from a character in the narrative.

Clues may include directions, riddles, digital and physical puzzles, audio recordings...

2. Arrive at starting destination

Starting location will differ depending on the game you've selected.

The game will automatically begin at your booked in time.

1. Gather your team

Organise your group into teams of up to 5 players and select a team leader.


Larger groups can be split into multiple teams with staggered starting times.

After booking online, the team leader will need to connect with us on Messenger.

4. Solve the clues

Progress through the game by correctly deciphering and answering the clues.

You can request help if you get stuck.

5. Journey to unique destinations

Navigate across the city as you uncover secret locations.

Pause for food or drinks at built-in break points along the way.

6. Explore the city from a new perspective

Hidden gems are dotted all around us. Satisfy your adventurous spirit and re-discover your city.

How to play our city adventure games

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