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Let us host your team event

Embark on a journey of cooperation, communication, and problem solving with your colleagues or team.


In groups of 2-5, navigate through the city in a treasure-hunt style experience deciphering cryptic clues and riddles sent to your phone.


Dive into a captivating narrative, and undergo an immersive experience discovering museums, cafes, street art, and hidden destinations. 


Suitable for up to 30 people.

Thanks to these awesome teams we've previously hosted


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What they loved about our games

We had a ball - great team bonding. Even stopped at a pub along the way! This was a blast - such a great idea. We will certainly be recommending the activity.

Bronwyn Dargaville - 


Completed the Tailors Secrets and we absolutely loved it! Did this as a work Christmas function and the entire group had a blast!  Awesome idea and experience, would highly recommend City Strider to a Dunedin Local or visitor! Thanks!

Laura Moffatt -

F45 Dunedin South

Figuring out the clues was great fun, it was really well done and having some clues being more difficult than others, made for some great team work. User friendly and easy to get help if needed. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to explore some of Dunedin City with friends or colleagues in a fun (and informative) way.

Bon Kellas -

Otago Regional Council

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