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We bring an adventurous spark

into our day-to-day

“The real voyage of discovery

  consists not in seeking new landscapes,

  but in having new eyes.” 

- French novelist, Marcel Proust

About City Strider

Why is it that experiences of ‘adventure’ and ‘exploration’ are usually only limited to travelling abroad or visiting new places? City Strider understands that novelty is all around us, even in familiar places. It’s often about noticing the little details, or being open to seeing things from a fresh perspective. Our games are built on highlighting the secret spots and local businesses in your backyard.

We are travellers and explorers, excited by the road less travelled. Like you, we enjoy enriching our lives through exploration and discovering new things. Our mission is all about bringing an adventurous spark into our day-to-day lives, and we hope that each person that plays a City Strider game leaves with a shared and memorable experience.

City Strider began as an idea of Simon’s in 2019, inspired by his city adventures in Europe in the years prior. As City Strider started to develop, Simon brought on long-time friends and former colleagues Chloe and Ruben to help with game creation and marketing. Together we have had a lot of fun exploring all of the hidden gems that Dunedin has to offer. In future, the team plans to bring our adventurous spark to other NZ cities so keep an eye out!

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Curious, unique and peculiar adventures have always fascinated me. From exploring Nara Dreamland, an abandoned and dilapidated theme park in Japan, to religiously following travel suggestions from Atlas Obscura, I find the feeling of doing something that only a handful of people have experienced very exhilarating. 


We began City Strider with the hope to bring this same excitement and discovery to our own backyard. 


I’m always on the lookout for those moments in my life that could be part of a movie, a book or a song. This is why I love urban exploration. What experiences will I have in this restaurant? What memories will I create at this activity? How will I feel visiting this natural landmark?


I grew up in a family that happily took as many holidays as it could around NZ, but it wasn’t until my UK and European travels on my OE that I appreciated the power of a city adventure. There’s just something about eating a slice of pizza outside the Pantheon that makes you excited about life! I’m looking forward to sharing that sense of wonder in NZ’s own unique cities.


Adventures are what drives me to get out and explore the world. I love filling up and ticking off my bucket list, but even more so I love stumbling into spontaneous situations. Anything that takes me by surprise and makes me think: “woah that’s cool” will become a cherished memory.


Through City Strider, I aim to give people a path off the beaten trail, so they can discover these curiosities for themselves.

Who we are

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